Hatar Gud bögar? : Teologiska förståelser av homo-, bi- och transpersoner. En befrielseteologisk studie

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Sammanfattning: Churches try to limit the human rights of homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered people by opposing gay marriage, LGBT-people's right to adopt and protective legislation, concerning hate crimes and similar issues. They do so through publications, papal decrees and various other churchly forums.

Does God hate fags? Theological understandings of homosexuals, bisexuals and trangendered people. A Gay Liberation theology, is Lars Gårdfeldts dissertation. In it hte oppression of LGBT-people is analyzed in order to create a theology on inclusion, rather than one of exclusion. The starting point of the dissertation is that LGBT-people are victims of oppression, and that its foundations are to be found in preconceptions about what a "real man" or a "real woman" are, in other words the right production of gender. Discrimination due to sexual orientation is explained to be discrimination due to gender, thus a gender equality problem. Discrimination is also shown to be based on an individual obligation to reproduce.

In Does God hate fags? twelve saints' legends are presented, where the lives of the saints are connected to the lives of the LGBT-people today. Thus I use a theological method of correlation. Saints such as St. Agatha, St. Lawrence and St. Lucy were subject to unjust persecution and torture. Through the churchly rendering of their fates, the oppression they have suffered is highlighted and th oppressing power is identified. This places the guilt with the oppressor while offering some form av rehabilitation. Saints' legends offer an obvious model of interpretation that prescribes solidarity with the oppressed and rejection of the oppressing ideology. The choice of saints' legends as a theological framework is also motivated by the group of liberatory themes often present in them. This is the theme I have chosen to call a Theology of the Given Life. This theology emphasizes the life given to us by God, and so it stands in sharp contrast to the theologies often used to oppress homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered people - namely, a theology focusing on the individual obligation to reproduce, or the right production of gender.

The dissertation is a continuation of H.O.M.O - a Saint Calender, illustrated with photographs by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

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