Predikans samtal : En studie av lyssnarens roll i predikan hos Gustaf Wingren utifrån Michail Bachtins teori om dialogicitet

Detta är en avhandling från Skellefteå : Artos

Sammanfattning: The claim of this dissertation is that the Christian sermon, even though monological in form, may best be described as dialogue, as conversation. Using the theory of the Russian philosopher, literary scholar and language theoretician Michail Bachtin (1895-1975) concerning the nature of language as dialogue, eight sermons delivered by the professor ofsystematic theology in Lund; Gustaf Wingren (1910), have been analyzed. The focus of these analyses is on the external, authoritative address in the sermons - and above all - on the role of the listeners for the formulation of the sermons. This means that both the text and the listeners are taken seriously and are seen as part of the composition of the sermons.The dissertation also investigates the relation between Wingren's practice, e.g. his sermons, and his theory, in which the view of the sermon plays an important role. The dissertation claims that this will shed new light on Wingren's theological thinking. But it also claims that the investigation sharpens the picture of the sermon on a more general levelby illuminating on the one hand what differentiates the sermon from other kinds of speech, e.g. what is typical for the genre, on the other hand what connects the sermon to other kinds of speech and with language on the whole.

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