Svensk vattenkraft ur ett europeiskt perspektiv några exempel

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköping University Electronic Press

Sammanfattning: The deregulation and integration of the Nordic electricity market into the European Union's internal electricity market will have a major impact on the current Swedish energy system. In particular, Swedish hydropower, the mainstay of Swedish energy, will have a significantly different role under these new conditions. The price of electricity can logically be expected to rise and to fluctuate more on a daily basis, leading to a considerable increase in profits for suppliers as they adapt their operations.The primary purpose of this study, which forms a basis for further research, is to investigate the fundamental operational changes that will occur when profits are maximised along with their economical effects. It contains, in particular, optimisation calculations which show how hydropower plants must be operated to achieve maximum profit under these new constraints. The larger of the two main models, which have been developed to perform this analysis, represents a vital area in Indalsälven, which contains plants owned by Jämtkraft AB in Östersund, while the smaller is of Stångån with plants owned by Tekniska Verken AB in Linköping.The results show that revenue will generally double when hydropower operations are altered from the traditional yearly based focus to a more day to day focus as the border of the energy system expands and the electricity markets of today are integrated into a homogeneous deregulated European one.