Perspektiv på barnuppfostran : En studie av föräldraskap i kristen miljö : [a study of parenting in a Christian context]

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: The dissertation deals with the raising of children within the framework of the family andfrom the perspective of the parents. The study treats the parents' intentions and understanding of themselves as parents and their thoughts regarding parenting. An investigation wascarried out among parents from Christian contexts characterized as nonconformist and low-church. The purpose was to describe these parents' perspectives, strategies, and practical common sense in childrearing and to understand these aspects in the light of the socio-cultural context and the religious commitment.A questionnaire survey was carried out in a larger group (n=114) and semi-structured,open interviews with eighteen parental couples, selected from the larger group under study.The parents put particularly strong emphasis on the family and family child care in order to create emotional security for the children and to convey Christian faith and traditional ethical values such as reliability and honesty. As a strategy they also stressed church-related activities. In achieving these goals the parents did not want the children to feel estranged from the surrounding secular society. Therefore most of the parents put less emphasis on transmitting an old sub-cultural nonconformist life style.The preferred parenting-strategy seemed to be a guiding and interactive authoritative style with a concomitant idea of Christian parenting as characterized by an understanding-accepting behavior toward the children, with a strong emphasis on the concept of forgiveness-a phenomenon that grew with increased religious commitment. The parents rejected oldfashioned authoritarian child-rearing and wanted to develop a relationship based on confidence and openness. Variations were found in parental patterns related to the family environments, education and religious commitment.

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