Hantverksskicklighet och kreativitet : Kontinuitet och förändring i en lokal textillärarutbildning 1955-2001

Sammanfattning: The aim in this study is to investigate how the textile subjects in the education of teachers in textiles in Uppsala changed during the period 1955-2001. What has the introduction into the academic, scientific tradition meant for the textile education? The aim is to describe what developments occurred as a result of this influence on the subject area, by analyzing the causes and factors inherent in this process. The period under consideration has been divided into four parts: 1955–1961, 1961–1977, 1977–1988 and 1988–2001.The research uses three different sources: documents, interviews and artefacts. The documents include both national and local aspects. To increase the understanding of the work and education 9 interviews have been made with current teacher educators. The artefacts show the transformation of the educators’ intentions and aims, which are expressed in the documents examined, into a physical entity by the students.In the investigation of what changes the concept of practical knowledge will be used. Practical knowledge is considered to form the core of textile education. Practical knowledge is assumed to consist of action, professional knowledge and reflection.Government directives have influenced textile education. Economical and structural assumptions have shaped how the courses have been run and what elements have been included in these. In the change that gradually occurred during the investigated time, the inherent pride in the subject area and the traditions linked to the courses seems to have slowly diminished. The redefinition of textile education as part of the university minimized the value of the education’s core based in action and domestic history. The continued production of artefacts within the course, suggests that despite the use of scientific and research terminology, the manual skills and action were seen as an essential part of the education.

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