Moisture properties of self-levelling flooring compounds

Detta är en avhandling från Division of Building Materials, LTH, Lund University

Sammanfattning: Self-levelling flooring compounds (SLC) are used to level substrates (mainly concrete slabs) before applying final floor coverings. Although it is an extensively used product, only limited research has so far been published concerning their moisture properties. This report focuses on moisture properties of SLC and describes methods for determining them. Moisture properties of materials are important for the calculation of drying times and moisture loads and for prediction of ion transport and degradation rates. In this report, measurements of moisture diffusion and moisture sorption are presented. Measurements were made with three commercial SLC. Later in the project, results from this report will be used when the function of SLC in flooring constructions will be investigated. These investigations will mainly concern transport of moisture and OH-ions and degradation of other materials in contact with SLC, such as components in flooring adhesives and PVC-floorings.