Sustainable management of the Salalah coastal aquifer in Oman using an integrated approach

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH

Sammanfattning: Most of the coastal areas around the globe depend on coastal aquifers vulnerable to salt water intrusion. The Salalah plain in southern Oman is underlain by a shallow limestone aquifer extending north up to the foot of the Jabal AlQara which reach a height of about 1000 m. A major part of the recharge to the aquifer is through fog condensation on the forest on the upper slopes of the mountain. Increasing population and water use for agriculture has caused limited salt-water intrusion. There is an urgent need for management of the aquifer to avoid further intrusion. A numerical flow model was developed for the Salalah coastal aquifer using both the MODFLOW and the MT3DMS computer codes to study the present water flow and future water turnover, the latter under different scenarios. The fog collecting forest is under threat due to the browsing of herds of camels. Recharge of treated wastewater is a management measure already in operation. Other management options considered, are restrictions on the use of water in irrigation and improvements in irrigation practices. Still another measure is reforestation of Jabal AlQara.