Såga rakt och tillverka uttryck : En studie av hantverkskunnandet i slöjdämnet

Sammanfattning: Sloyd is related to craft knowing, making traditions and materiality. The meaning of knowing in sloyd is vaguely articulated and thereby can be interpreted by teachers in different ways. This study aims at contributing to an articulation of craft knowing within sloyd education.The study was carried out in the form of two learning studies, each one focusing on a specific object of learning. The knowing of sawing straight was studied through phenomenographic analysis of video recordings of students’ work with handsaws in wood. Different ways of knowing this capability have been described. The second study focused on the knowing of interpreting symbols in sloyd objects. Different ways of perceiving this capability have been described through the learning study’s three iterative lesson interventions. The two objects of learning are discussed as pointing out different aspects of craft knowing in sloyd education.Craft knowing has been recognized as embodied thinking and interaction with tools and materials in order to achieve certain intentions (Dormer, 1994; Illum, 2004). It is often described as embedded in our actions (Polanyi, 1966) and manifested in specific actions: as knowing-in-action (Schön, 1983). Furthermore, it is multimodal and derives from practical knowledge traditions where dexterity, visuality and materiality are central modes of communication (Kress & van Leeuwen, 2006). When engaging in sloyd activities one engages in different communal shared craft techniques and strives to obtain and express intended shapes, functions, lines, patterns and affiliations. To be able to say and make something in a ‘right way’ can be understood as a specific literacy (Gee, 2015).Some aspects of craft knowing are presented and discussed in terms of craft literacy: as embodied interactions with materials and tools in specific ways. These descriptions can contribute to our shared understanding of the meaning of craft knowing as well as the meaning of sloyd knowing.