Vapnen i wreccornas tid, 150-500 e.Kr. : om de romerska auxiliarpilspetsarna och den västliga traditionens framväxt

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Arkeologi

Sammanfattning: Lindbom, Peter. 2006. Weapons in the time of the Wreccas, 150-500 AD., Roman auxiliary arrow points and the development of the Western tradition, AUN 36, Uppsala, 290 pp., 70 figs., 19 maps, 37 tables. ISSN 0285-1347, ISBN 91-506-1869-5 Archaeologists agree that the different Germanic peoples were influenced by the Roman Empire and its well organised and effective army. A common assumption is that the German Barbarians were inferior and merely copied the superior Roman customs and material culture. In this thesis I argue that the Germanic peoples created a hybrid culture, where specific Roman concepts and innovations were borrowed and manipulated in order to fit into the context, of a new Germanic Warrior Society which gradually developed during the first half millennium AD. Using Post Colonial theory I show that these socio-cultural developments took an ambivalent form and were often manifested in sudden changes in material culture and as grave goods deposited according to local customs. Power struggles between old and new elite groups often resulted in armed conflict, with an opposition between the superior or dominant colonials and the subaltern indigenous peoples, a relation that is similar to imperialistic dominance by a colonial power elite.

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