Föreställningar om det förflutna. Arkeologi och rekonstruktion

Detta är en avhandling från Nordic Academic Press, Box 1206, SE-221 05 Lund, Sweden

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this dissertation is to discuss full-scale historical reconstruction in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In recent years we have seen an accelerating interest among the public to visit reconstructed places with reference to ancient times. Reconstructions from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages are discussed. The emergence of reconstruction is presented in an historical overview of the phenomenon. The political use of reconstruction is discussed, primarily in terms of local, regional, national and European identity. The production of archaeological and historical knowledge within reconstructing activities is analyzed. The use of reconstruction as a way to adventure by time-travelling is also treated. By analyzing a large amount of historical and existing full-scale reconstructions a multifaceted picture emerges. It is argued that political use, knowledge and adventure are themes intimately intertwined within full-scale reconstruction and are not possible to separate. Full-scale reconstruction has become a different and alternative meeting place for different purposes with and understandings of the past. Academic archaeologists as well as amateurs take part in activities as experiment, re-enactment and popularization related to full-scale reconstruction. The generated pictures of the past present old klichés as well as new perspectives. The dissertation includes a list of 303 reconstructions established since 1879 in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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