Innovation- och säkerhetsvetenskap : En fruktbar syntes

Sammanfattning: The foundation for the thesis is a literature study within two areas: safety and innovation science. In the thesis safety science will revolve around how different methods and various models are used to identify and reduce risks, i.e. to secure the functionality within limited systems. Theories of innovation will among other things revolve around the process of creating ideas and bring them to market. The intention is to present central thoughts and conceptions within these two disciplines. In relation to this stage, theories from innovation will be taken into consideration in order to supplement the general working order of how risks in technical system are handled. The purpose is to enrich the area of safety with inspiration from theory of innovation and to generate hypothesis for continuous research. Theory of innovation has a tradition of bringing ideas or changes forward while theory of risk mainly revolves on identifying and acting on problems. This will be expressed as a tendency within risk and safety not to take particular parts developed within theory of innovation into consideration, and therefore you may miss valuable knowledge around the ability to bring change to a successful close. This can for example be expressed as theory of innovation has more detailed knowledge surrounding development of a solution, selection of a solution, and how these solutions are best implemented. The study has shown that theory of innovation can supplement the area of risk and safety and that these two areas, in a collected form, can improve the requirement for working with the reduction of risks. The result can from an organizational perspective be about improved conditions for long term survival by an increased awareness into different work strategies strengths’ and weaknesses’.