Neutron emission spectroscopy of fusion plasmas with a NE213 liquid scintillator at JET

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Uppsala University

Sammanfattning: Neutron diagnostics will play a fundamental role in future fusion plasma machines,where the harsh environment will make the use of many other type of diagnos-tics practically impossible. Complex techniques to measure the neutron spectrumemitted from tokamk plasmas have been developed over the years, producing stateof the art neutron spectrometers. However, recently compact neutron spectrom-eters have been gaining the interest of the research community. They are muchsimpler to operate and maintain, have lower cost and they can be employed in thechannels of a neutron camera, providing profile measurements. The drawbacks arethat they have a worse resolution and a response to neutrons that is not optimalfor spectroscopy.The goal of the work presented in this thesis is to estimate to which extenta compact detector such as a NE213 liquid scintillator can be used to performneutron emission spectroscopy analysis.The detector used for this study was installed in the back of the MPRu spec-trometer at JET in 2012. The characterization of the response of the detector wasdone using a combination of MCNPX simulations and real measurements. Thedata analysis was performed using the forward fitting approach: a model of theneutron spectrum is produced, then folded with the response of the detector andfinally compared with the data. Two types of plasma scenarios were analyzed, onewith NBI heating only, and another with NBI and third harmonic radio-frequencyheating. In both cases the TOFOR spectrometer was used as a reference to esti-mate the parameters in the model of the neutron spectrum.The results are promising and suggest that neutron spectroscopy can be per-formed with NE213 scintillators although the quality of the results, as given byperformance indicators such as uncertainties, is much lower than the performanceof high resolution spectrometers.