Jesu uppståndelse som historiskt problem : En studie av Rudolf Bultmanns och Wolfhart Pannenbergs tolkningar

Detta är en avhandling från Skellefteå : Norma Bokförlag

Sammanfattning: The main purpose of this study is to make a critical examination of Rudolf Bultmann´s (1884–1976) and Wolfhart Pannenberg´s (b. 1928) interpretations of the resurrection of Jesus. Bultmann is best known for seeking to demythologize the miracles of the New Testament. Pannenberg has gained much attention for arguing that the resurrection of Jesus is an event in chronological history. In this thesis I first present Bultmann´s and Pannenberg´s interpretations of the resurrection of Jesus. In order to help the reader understand the context in which these interpretations were made, I give a brief sketch of the German theological setting. Second, I compare the theologies of Bultmann and Pannenberg from the concept of background theory, principles of interpretation, exegetical reasoning, the meaning of the resurrection and what it means to accept the resurrection. Third, I categorize different ways that the resurrection could be interpreted today. Fourth, I critically discuss the way that Bultmann and Pannenberg argue and give some proposals for how their theologies can be developed. Developing the theology of Bultmann I give more attention to chronological history than he does. I also make alterations in the way he understands God´s action. Concerning Pannenberg I discuss the importance of rational arguments in his theology. I argue that the resurrection should be interpreted from the perspective of a faith or an interpretation which seeks understanding.

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