Phenomenology and the making of the world

Sammanfattning: trictions provided by language and knowledge. It is also shown how this creates difficulties as to the claim within religion to express what is beyond the known and not directlyavailable by means of ordinary language. The author focuses on ideas within the phenomenology of religion of how to cope withthis tension. He clarifies the connection between the phenomenology of religion and philosophical phenomenology in this regard. He analyses ideas concerning our relationship to thesurrounding world, the conditions for human existence, and in what respect we can interpretand communicate to others our understanding of ourselves and our different life worlds. Based on these analyses it is argued that insights from philosophical phenomenology canbe applied not only to the phenomenology of religion. Ideas of phenomenology on how togain self-understanding as well as an understanding of other people and of the world throughcommunication and dialogue, are shown to be relevant also concerning most analysesperformed within the wider field of Religious Studies.

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