Slöjdämnet i förändring : 1962 - 1994

Detta är en avhandling från Linköpings universitet, Linköping

Sammanfattning: The first aim is to decide what is the core of the school subject Sloyd. The second aim is to find out how the subject has changed during the last 30 years and what and who have influenced the change.Empirical sources are the national sylabuses för Sloyd, the national sylabuses for the teacher training from 1960 - 1977, a questionnaire to Sloyd teachers and interviews with a smaller number of teachers in both textile and wood and metal Sloyd.The findings are that the curriculum text change slightly from old to new version, but the teachers do not usually realize the change. What really causes change and new approaches are based on different waus of organizing teaching in the Sloyd subject.

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