I helig skrud : en studie över Anna-Lisa Odelqvist-Kruses sakrala textilkonst

Sammanfattning: The present dissertation deals with the Swedish textile artist Anna-Lisa Odelqvist-Kruse and her Art of sacral textiles. She had a great influence on the Swedish Art of sacral textiles during the the second half of the 20:th centuary. The thesis initially describes the background to Swedish sacral textiles during the 19:th centuary with its similar and rather simple garments.After that Anna-Lisa Odelqvist-Kruse’s two most important predecessors, Agnes Branting and Sofia Widén, are presented with some of their works. The dissertation then goes on with the life biography of Anna-Lisa Odelqvist-Kruse. For some years she worked together with Sofia Widén at the textile studio of Licium and learned the grounds of creating sacral textiles. In 1954 she became manager and artistic leader of another textile studio called Libraria, where she was to fullfill her life´s achievment.The next part deals with three important events in her creating, the wall hangings for the Cahedral of Uppsala in 1976 , the retrospective exhibition of her sacral textiles at the Historical Museum in Stockholm in 1984-85 and her sacral textiles for Vadstena Convent Church in 2000.The last part of this thesis refers to the choise of colours, materials, motives and ornamentation of the sacral textiles of the artist. She was very carefull in these choises, because every textile was not only to match the interior of the church but also to create a warm and solemn atmosphere there. Anna-Lisa Odelqvist-Kruse stood for a renewal of sacral textiles as well as she reintroduced certain parts of the corresponding medival art.Anna-Lisa Odelqvist-Kruse brought the textile studio of Libraria to a leading position in Sweden, concerning quality as well as quantity. In an appendix of this dissertation more than two thousand sacral textiles of her creating and delivered to Swedish churches are presented.

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