Förutsättningar blir till erbjudanden : belyst genom utformning och genomförande av förskolans temainriktade arbetssätt

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study was to develop knowledge on the influence of preschool working conditions, i.e. social and political factors and factors within the individual preschool, on offers afforded to children. To illustrate this in­fluence, I chose to investigate the design and implementation of preschool theme work. The study examined preschool pedagogues’ motives, organi­sation, contents and methods that underlie their teaching in the theme work and the influence of working conditions in this process. Ethnographic methods have been applied, including observations and interviews with pre­school pedagogues in four preschool settings. The study had a theoretical starting point in curriculum theory, with Bernstein’s concept of classification and framing as well as frame factor theory used as tools in analysing the material. The results show that a combination of various working conditions affects offers afforded to preschool children in theme work. The pedagogues make decisions that underlie their teaching partly in relations to social and political changes and reforms, and partly in relation to processes formed historically. The children are offered an organisation, contents and methods in the theme work that arise from pedagogues’ understanding of their mission, curriculum and the childrens’ interests and needs.