Some new results concerning boundedness and compactness for embeddings between spaces with multiweighted derivatives

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Sammanfattning: This Doctoral Thesis consists of five chapters, which deal with a new Sobolev type function space called the space with multiweighted derivatives. This space is a generalization of the usual one dimensional Sobolev space. As basis for this space serves some differential operators containing weight functions.Chapter 1 is an introduction, where, in particular, the importance to study function spaces with weights is discussed and motivated. In Chapter 2 we prove some new estimates for each function in a Tchebychev system. In order to be able to study compactness of the embeddings from Chapter 3 such estimates are crucial.In Chapter 3 we rewrite and present some results of L. D. Kudryavtsev, where he investigated one dimensional Sobolev spaces. Moreover, in this chapter we rewrite and discuss some analogous results by B. L. Baidel'dinov for generalized Sobolev spaces. These results are not available in the Western literatures in this way and they are crucial for the proofs of the main results in Chapter 4. In Chapter 4 we prove some embedding theorems for these new generalized Sobolev spaces. The main results of Kudryavtsev and Baidel'dinov about characterization of the behavior of functions at a singularity take place in weak degeneration of the spaces. However, with the help of our new embedding theorems we can extend theseresults to the case of strong degeneration.The main aim of Chapter 5 is to establish boundedness and compactness of the embedding considered in Chapter 4.In Chapter 4 basically only sufficient conditions for boundedness of this embedding were obtained. In Chapter 5 we obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for boundedness and compactness of this embedding and the main results are proved in a different way.