Om organisering av turism : Studier av turismens samarbetsorganisationer i Sverige

Detta är en avhandling från Göteborg : Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet

Sammanfattning: This thesis is about the organisation of tourism, with an emphasis on the regionally active co-organisations that co-ordinate and market tourist products. The main aim is to create understanding of tourism?s regional co-organisations through identifying, describing and problematising the institutional structures and institutional processes that comprise tourism promotional work. Special interest is directed towards activities that develop co-operation based on business-like relationships between companies operating at a tourism destination. Yet another aim of this thesis is to contribute to sector research within tourism. The thesis is based on three different studies. The first examines the different thought traditions of tourism in Sweden to better understand how tourism has been established as a social institution. The second investigates tourism?s regional organisation through the pattern of websites on the Internet. It draws a broad picture of the organisational field of co-organisations for tourism in Sweden. The third one is a case study of a commercially oriented regional co-organisation where co-operation develops with a basis in business-like relationships. The main conclusion of the thesis is that public responsibility for the organisation of tourism is a strong normative institution with little support in an equivalent regulative institution. The organisation at tourist destinations is characterised by an illusion of management, renewal by re-organising and fields as management tool. The use of a meta-organisation, with a solid cultural connection and loose coupling of several institutional processes that are distinct from each other appears to be a model that can be developed for the organisation of tourist destinations.

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