Vägar till ett akademiskt skriftspråk

Detta är en avhandling från Växjö : Växjö University Press

Sammanfattning: AbstractAsk, S., 2007: Vägar till ett akademiskt skriftspråk (Roads to academic written language). Acta Wexionensia nr 115/2007. ISBN: 978-91-7636-557-1The overall aim of the dissertation is to analyse the general features of academic writing skills that students’ texts show at the beginning and at the end of their undergraduate education, and to investigate the paths chosen by students from different study backgrounds when they acquire competence in academic writing.The dissertation studies changes of level within the educational system from a student perspective. The empirical material consists of qualitative research interviews with student teachers at different stages of their training, and of the analyses of texts written by the same students.The study shows that both new and experienced students find it difficult to see a link between the tuition in Swedish in high school and their university studies, especially when it comes to academic writing. The new students therefore feel frustration and confusion in the transition phase. The experienced students say that they have mainly developed competence in academic writing during their studies through supervision in essay writing, which is felt to be crucial for linguistic development.The new students’ interim texts are characterized by the clear personal presence of an author, a varying degree of copying from source texts, and uncertain handling of references. Expressions of critical-analytical thinking are not common, and the texts usually have an everyday tone. The experienced students do not copy texts, yet they show great insecurity in their use of the content of the source texts. They write “academically” by using frequent reference markers and adopting a bombastic style. The linguistic tools of academic writing are used by the experienced students as decoration, to strengthen the impression of familiarity with the academic discourse.