Skrovmål : kosthållning och matlagning i den svenska flottan från 1500-tal till 1700-tal

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Sammanfattning: The thesis investigates war and naval life from a new and different perspective than earlier studies. Naval warfare is studied from the perspective of provisions, diet, and nutrition. The main questions asked are: How did the food, menu and nutrition change in the Swedish navy during the period 1500-1800? How was the food prepared, stored and served on naval warships? How did the rationing, preparation, and consumption of food influence the men aboard and their capability to carry out naval operations?In order to answer these questions I use different kinds of sources such as archival records (accounts, inventories as well as normative documents), contemporary literature, maritime archaeological artefacts, archaeological experiments, ship models and modern nourishment recommendations. The study is interdisciplinary.The food provisions in the Swedish navy during the period can be divided into the following categories: bread, meat and meat products, fish, dairy products, cereals, peas, vegetables and beverages. The consumption of these provisions (except for cereals, peas and vegetables) was highest during the 16th century. During the rest of the period there was a decline in consumption. Cereals, peas and vegetables increased by 200 percent between 16th and the 18th century. Per capita consumption of meat, fish, and beer dropped substantially. It is not only the calorific value of provisions that declines over time; there is also a decline in the variation of the food items over the period. Fish is a good example: during the 16th century many sorts of fish were served, even if they were often served in small quantities. The decline of fish consumption starts in the 17th century, and during the 18th century the only types of fish served were stockfish and herring. The composition of provisions and their nutritional value is compared among Sweden and several other European navies for the latter part of the 18th century.

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