Error error lataa patteri From language alternation to global multilingual repertoires in Finnish youth radio programs in Finland and Sweden

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis

Sammanfattning: This PhD study explores multilingualism in Finnish language youth radio broadcasting, with interactional and ethnographic data from Sweden Finnish and Finnish youth radio broadcasting. The interactional data consist of audio recordings from radio programs, while the ethnographic data consist of observations, logbook notes and interviews. The data were recorded and collected during the summer of 2005 from Radio Sweden’s (SR) Finnish language radio station Sisuradio and its youth program Klubi-Klubben, and simultaneously from Finnish YleX, from its X-Ryhmä and YleX Tänään programs.Multilingualism within radio broadcasting is investigated from a qualitative and sociolinguistic viewpoint. The study consists of four independent empirical research articles, each tackling the research topic from a slightly different perspective (e.g., language alternation, humor, repertoires, rap flows). This approach is what I call revealing the small pictures of this study. Further, this study investigates some overarching implications and pinpoints general threads and themes of a more holistic big picture of what multilingualism sounds like in the youth radio programs. The focus of the analysis is interactional and functional.The study shows that there are many different kinds of multilingualisms: multilingualism in the late modern world differs from scene to scene. However, speakers and groups have varied kinds of multilingual repertoires at their disposal in different scenes. In addition, different multilingual repertoires are used for various functions and genres, such as entertainment, humor and the expressions of different identities, including expressing music expertise or being a rapper. English is used as resourse in all of these repertoires. The study makes visible multilingual life worlds where global and local features intertwine and where objects and discourse practices are constantly on the move.

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