Assessment of everyday functioning for adults with hearing loss : Development of Hearing and Functioning in Everyday life Questionnaire (HFEQ)

Sammanfattning: Aim: The overall aim of the current thesis was to develop a self-assessmentinstrument with a focus on everyday functioning for adults with hearingloss and to investigate its psychometric properties.Methods: Three different methods were applied in the current studies; a scoping review (Study I), two quantitative studies using two different datacollection processes (Study II and IV) and a qualitative study, including anitem-generation workshop and cognitive group interviews (Study III).Results: The scoping review (Study I) showed that the validation process ofICF Core Sets has varied between studies, including studies that used bothqualitative and quantitative methodology. Most of the validation studieshave been conducted in Western, high-income countries and have only useda single population.The validation of the Brief ICF Core Set for Hearing Loss (Study II) was conducted internationally, including four continents and both middle- and high-income countries. The results demonstrated satisfactory content validity and internal consistency. However, two ICF categories (b126 and d810) arerecommended to be specified if they are used in a future instrument. In study III HFEQ was developed by international experts in the field ofaudiology and/or ICF. The HFEQ was then validated in two studies withfocus on the content validity (Study III) and the construct validity (StudyIV). Altogether, the results showed satisfying levels of content and construct validity for the HFEQ, as well as internal consistency reliability, feasibility and comprehensibility. Minor adjustments such as rewording arerecommended in the future. The results of study II-IV strengthen the hypothesis that everyday functioning seems to be a relevant and valid phenomenon to measure within audiology. Conclusion: ICF Core sets have been validated using several methods. The Brief ICF Core Set for Hearing Loss has satisfactory validity for adults with hearing loss and is a relevant foundation for a new self-assessment instrument. The HFEQ is a valid self-assessment measure for assessing everyday functioning for adults with hearing loss.

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