Lärares pedagogiska handlingar En studie av lärares uppfattningarav att vara pedagogisk i klassrumsarbetet

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: This study concerns teachers' conceptions of what it means to be pedagogical. The work has itsstarting point in van Manen's work concerning pedagogical tact. By using this concept vanManen tries to describe teachers' tacit and intuitive skills to decide what to do or what not to do in any given situation. This study is based largely on the assumption that van Marten's concept is too narrow and perhaps invalid in certain contexts.The study was conducted as a phenomenographical study with the help of video-stimulated-recall-interviews. Four aspects of the phenomena were identified::The pedagogical relation: this aspect is constructed by four qualitatively different conceptions: parent-like, friend-like, manager-like and partner-like.The pedagogical control: this aspect is also constructed using four conceptions: as a question of finesse, negotiation, organisation and as a question of rules of the game.The pedagogical teaching: here the aspect consists of three conceptions: to transmit know-ledge, to make children work and to help children learn.The pedagogical ways of coping with dilemmas: the last aspect is made up by three conceptions: situational, principle and methodological. Different types of dilemmas occur according to whether the classroom is organised as collective teaching or individualised teaching.The results show that the phenomena being pedagogical can only be partly understood throughthe concept pedagogical tact. Further, the understanding of the phenomenon seems to be dependent on how the classroom is organised. Being pedagogical can therefore be seen as complex and as contextually dependent. It is influenced not only by cultural and historical factors but also on the type of activities undertaken.