P-adic dynamical systems and van der Put basis technique

Detta är en avhandling från Växjö : Linnaeus University Press

Sammanfattning: Theory of dynamical systems in fields of p-adic numbers is  an important part of algebraic and arithmetic dynamics. The study of p-adic dynamical systems is motivated by their applications in various areas of mathematics, e.g., in physics, genetics, biology, cognitive science, neurophysiology, computer science, cryptology, etc.In particular, p-adic dynamical systems found applications in cryptography, which stimulated the interest to nonsmooth dynamical maps. An important class of (in general) nonsmooth maps is given by 1-Lipschitz functions.In this thesis we restrict our study to the class of 1-Lipschitz functions and describe measure-preserving (for the Haar measure on the ring of p-adic integers) and ergodic functions.The main mathematical tool used in this work is the representation of the function by the van der Put series which is actively used in p-adic analysis. The van der Put basis differs fundamentally from previously used ones (for example, the monomial and Mahler basis)  which are related to the algebraic structure of p-adic fields. The basic point in the construction of van der Put basis is the continuity of the characteristic function of a p-adic ball.Also we use an algebraic structure (permutations) induced by coordinate functions with partially frozen variables.In this thesis, we present a description of 1-Lipschitz measure-preserving and ergodic functions for arbitrary prime p.

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