Paradoxen (s)om entreprenörskap : En romantisk ironisk historia om ett av-vikande entreprenörskapande

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The aim of this thesis is to embrace entrepreneurship as a paradox and to additionally show how an anomaly can be the foundation as well as the energy for the paradoxical, entrepreneurial process. The empirical focus is on the creative industry, in which the intimate connection between entrepreneurship, enterprise, art, culture and creativity has been illustrated and accounted for. The study is conducted with a narrative-rhetorical approach and analyzes and interprets three empirical cases and their stories.The theoretical contribution of the present study is the fact that we enrich our understanding of entrepreneurship as a paradox by grasping it in a romantic ironic-manner. The current study ends in the following significant and illustrative paradoxes that also can be seen as conclusions: Entrepreneurship requires deviance – but also at the same time demands belonging, in the sense that entrepreneurship can be regarded as acting between endogenous self-fulfillment and exogenous purposes. In addition, the basis of the here illustrated phenomenon is to become entrepreneurial. In the name of the romantic irony we have to keep in mind that you can only become an entrepreneur, you can not be one. As soon as one thinks of oneself as an entrepreneur one ceases to be one.The never-ending deviation can be seen as the root-metaphor of entrepreneurship. Conclusively, entrepreneurship is – and will become – a never-ending endeavor. This is an endeavor in which “becoming entrepreneurs” – in the name of the paradox – acts in-between and thereby are limited by, as well as delivered by society’s and discourse’s expectations of economic growth and business creation.

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