Muntlig framställning i årskurs 5: utveckling av kriterier för bedömning

Detta är en avhandling från Anne-Mari Folkesson, Enighetens vag 53, 39359 Kalmar, tel 0480/15305

Sammanfattning: The study is based upon material which is a part of the Swedish Agency for Education's evaluation of oral production in year five at primary school. The overall aim of this study is to examine w h a t is assessed by describing the childrens speech, developing and testing criteria for the proficiency in speech in relation to this assessment. For qualitative purposes, a description of the phenomenon is given first of all. Following this, the causal connections are sought with the help of quantitative methods. The development of criteria for the assessment of oral production has been the focus of two intensive studies of four and nine pupils respectively. The criteria which have proven significant are "hesitation", "interruption", "involvement" and "easiness of manner". In addition, two randomly chosen groups of 46 and 101 pupils respectively have been assessed on presentation as well as quality of language. The presentation has been assessed on a four-grade scale in accordance with the criteria developed. The use of language has been described and analysed on the basis of, above all, "number of words", "themes", "explanations", and "reflections". The connection between estimates and parameters of language has been analysed. Around half of the pupils received positive assessments, of which approximately ten per cent are very positve. The other half received negative assessments, or very negative assessments, as was the case with around ten per cent of the cases. Furher, it was shown that the chosen parameters of language were connected significantly with the assessment of the presentation. According to this study, the skills the pupils require in order to produce good oral presentation can be said to be the following: the ability to take the floor, find a theme, explain, speak reflectively and indepentently play the part of the narrator.

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