Silicon Strip Detectors for Scanned Multi-Slit X-Ray Imaging

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Fysik

Sammanfattning: Digital imaging systems for medical applications must bebased upon highly efficient detectors to ensure low patientdose. This is particularly important in screening mammographybecause of the large number healthy women that is examined. Amammography system must also provide high spatial and contrastresolution. Different approaches are compared in this thesis,and it is argued that a system based on photon countingdetectors in a scanned multi-slit geometry provides aperformance superior to established technologies.The system is realized using silicon strip detectorsirradiated at a small angle relative to the wafer surface,thereby offering large absorption depth. A linear pixelarray isscanned across the breast to obtain the complete image.Pulse-processing electronics rejecting all detector andelectronics noise count the number of photons that aredetected, forming the pixel values of the image.Optimization of the detector design is discussed in detail.The detector has been carefully simulated to investigate chargemotion and signal formation after photoninteraction. Based onthese simulations, the impact of the detector characteristicson the image quality has been evaluated.Detectors have been manufactured and evaluated both assingle components and as part of experimental imaging devicesincluding custom readout electronics. Presented in this thesisare the measured detector characteristics including a verifi-cation of charge collection efficiency and confirmation thatthe quantum efficiency is 90% for a typical mammographyspectrum. Modulation transfer functions and noise power spectrawere recorded and the detective quantum efficiency calculated.A prototype mammography system was also assembled and themodulation transfer function recorded. The interpretation ofthe modulation transfer function and detective quantumefficiency is discussed for digital systems in general and fora scanned multi-slit system in particular.Keywords:x-ray, imaging, silicon, detector, digital,mammography, scanning, photon counting.