Race and Order : Critical Perspectives on Crime in Sweden

Sammanfattning: In this study questions of crime are used as a means to explore the relation between race and the social order. The aim is to empirically and theoretically expand the criminological understanding of racism as a structural phenomenon. Anchored in critical criminology, and particularly the work of cultural theorist Stuart Hall, the racialization of crime and its consequences is addressed, with a particular focus on the role of ideology and repression. Departing from a Swedish context, local and global power relations associated with the current conjuncture, such as neoliberalism and the colonial legacy of Western powers, are highlighted.The four articles of the compilation thesis are intended to be read as a unit, but also stand on their own given that they address different dimensions of the social order where conflicts are played out. In the first article, the role of language in the racialization of official crime discourse is explored at the level of metaphors. In the second, attention is turned to why racist imaginaries of crime are contested by established journalists. The third article addresses security measures that target Muslims in the effort to combat terrorism. The fourth article focuses on racial profiling from a more general perspective, investigating stop-and-search practices as well as consequences of the intertwinement of crime and migration control.