Från någon som vet till andra som inte vet : en studie av Alf Henrikson som folkbildare

Sammanfattning: In this study the overarching question is in what way the Swedishauthor Alf Henrikson has acted as a popular educator and if he as such hasbeen a part of a popular educational context. The different popular educationalactivities he associated with could be considered as verification thathe did act as a popular educator. Two works of his popular historical authorshipare examined and they are characterized by the intention or ambitionto disseminate historical knowledge. By his historical authorship healso was a part of a popular historical tradition in Sweden.Henrikson appeared at several times as a popular lecturer and hereby hereproduces a tradition from the worker’s institutes and the associations forpopular lectures. He also performed on several occasions in radio programsand TV programs and disseminated knowledge and education. Radio broadcastsas well as television are regarded as popular educational activities. Inconsideration to the subject areas of his knowledge he can be affiliated withan educational ideal in the Swedish worker’s movement and Swedish populareducation. His educational ideal is the personality creating neohumanisticprinciple. Henrikson also supported the thought of taking over the middles-classes idea of cultural heritage.