Villkor för utlämning

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Sammanfattning: This is a thesis that deals with Swedish extradition law - more specifically with the requirements that must be fulfilled before Sweden, as the requested state, can grant extradition. Before dealing with these requirements the role of extradition law within the judicial system is examined. Interacting disciplines such as constitutional law, human rights, foreign law, citizenship law and national criminal- and procedural law are referred to. Alternatives to extradition, both legal (such as having the trial in the requested state instead of extradition) and illegal ones (kidnapping for example) are discussed.The main issues of the thesis are1) to analyse and interpret the different Swedish conditions for extradition, and to examine the question why these conditions exist.2) to show how these different conditions interact with each other, and how this interaction can be of importance when one or several conditions are being changed or abandoned. Even if conditions are not being abandoned, the interaction is of importance because it can significally affect the outcomes of extradition cases.3) to give a brief discussion on the issue whether the double criminality rule, the prohibition of extraditing ones own nationals and the speciality rule should be kept in schemes for extradition co-operation.

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