Lärande i teamorganiserad produktion : en studie av tre industriföretag

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköpings universitet

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the thesis was to use case studies of three manufacturing companies to describe and problematize the significance of team-based production for the operatives' learning conditions and learning activities, and to describe how these change over a period of time.The view of learning on which the thesis is based can be described as an integrative view, where the learning perspective is directed towards work and the working duties of the team, the organizational context and the ideas. knowledge and approaches that exist and which develop among the individuals and the team. Learning is viewed as two integrated processes; an interaction between the individual and the surroundings, and a process of dedication and subjective construction.The study has a multiple case study design. comprising interviews, questionnaires, observations and study of documents. Several groups of actors have been interview at two occasions: production management, supervisors, operatives and union representatives.There are several interesting findings. First, the groups in the studied companies, and the change from a more functional organization towards a team organization, represent a real change in groups and work organization. The companies that have been studied can be described as "on the way" to team-based production, in which they show both common and individual qualities. These changes are to a limited extent the result of a similar and homogeneous process of change in the three companies. Second, the learning activities in the companies show limited integration between formal, non-formal and informal learning activities, and a limited integration between learning activities and operations-related development needs. The results also show a great need of support for learning in everyday work. Third, several relationships have been of importance for the way in which the companies have developed over time, and the way in which learning conditions and learning activities have been affected: the character of the external context, the design and structure of the team organization, change agents, organizational climate and team-leadership and the length of period of time that the production has been organized in teams.

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