Romantik och förnuft : V.F. Palmblads förlag 1810-1830

Sammanfattning: The subject of this thesis is V.F. Palmblad's publishing house during the years of 1810-1830 and particularlyits role in the breakthrough of literary romanticism. Pierre Bourdieu's concepts of "field" and "habitus" areused in the dissertation. The Palmblad academic printing house in Uppsala and its printed production every fifth year from 1810to 1830 is analysed, as is the printed production from the publishing house each of those years. The emer-genceof Palmblad & C. is investigated and the concept of "network" is introduced.The sale of publications from Palmblad & C. and its economic strategy is investigated. There is also ananalysis of how the group of romanticists termed "fosforists" could accumulate social capital by means of thepublishing house. Bourdieu's concept of habitus is used to indicate the authors' view of themselves and external apparitions.Palmblad acted as a creator and promotor of a certain image of his authors. Some discussion is devoted tofemale romantic authors: what their positions were, how male colleagues viewed them and female influen-ces.There is a presentation of how and why publications were chosen. A large part of the thesis is devoted toanalyses of Palmblad & C. - especially Palmblad and the poet Atterbom - as co-productive in terms of otherromantic authors' texts and reviews (for instance Lorenzo Hammarsköld, Euphrosyne and Samuel Hed-born).Palmblad's influence on Atterbom is also touched upon. A part of the dissertation deals with the distribution of publications from Palmblad & C., includingdiscussions of conditions for transportation, Palmblad's bookshop, commission agents, contacts withforeign booksellers and publishers and marketing. Finally, the readers and audiences of publications from Palmblad & C. are dealt with. There is an attemptto define the target groups of Palmblad & C. Subscription lists from some of the publications from Palm-blad& C. are analysed. The main result is that Palmblad & C. functioned as a nursery for not yet established romantic poets. The"fosforists'" had fought against the view of literature of the previous generation (the "Old school"). The victo-riousoutcome of the romanticists depended on Palmblad & C. as the "fosforists" to a large extent were pub-lishedby this publishing house - which was dependent on the bookmarket at the time. The network offriends, colleagues and sympathisers tied to the publishing house compensated for the poor infrastructurewithin the bookmarket. This network also influenced decisions of what to publish or not. The habitus of the"fosforists" developed in the manner it did thanks to Palmblad & C., which guaranteed their existence as(published) authors. The battle was fought on the boundaries between the literary field and the academicfield. It is also emphasised that literary salons and the romantic poems that were sung were important to thespread of romantic literature published by Palmblad & C.

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