Projektledning från ovan - Beroenden och kopplingar i en industriell multi-projektverksamhet

Sammanfattning: This licentiate thesis discusses management and control ofan industrial business that implements several projects at thesame time, a so-called multi-project business. The questionthat will be answered is: What distinguish the management of amulti-project business and what is crucial for the managementto focus on? The thesis is based on a case study at a companycalled Adtranz Signal in Sweden. Adtranz Signal develops,designs and delivers signal and safety systems for the railway.They are a perfect example of a modern company that operatesthe main part of their business with projects.The discussion will take us beyond the single project andabove the project manager. This is necessary because projectmanagement literature, by tradition, emphasizes on theindividual project, and the complexity of problems when aproject is executed isolated from the ordinary business. Todaythere are only a few empirical and theoretical studies ofmulti-project businesses, especially those that focuses on howindustrial companies use projects and lead project work.The scientific contribution in this thesis consists of twoparts. The first part is a profound empirical description ofhow management, control and realization of a multi-projectbusiness work. The second part is a further development of theliterature considering management problems in a multi-projectbusiness. Finally there are three important conclusions pointedout:•It exists dependencies and connections between theprojects in the companys multi-project business•Thedifferent dependencies can be categorized•Thedependencies and connections are important and must be handledsince they effect the management of the multi-projectbusinessKeywords:Management and control of a project business,industrial projects, multi-project business, multi-projectenvironment, project-based company, project management