Aktiemarknadsbolagets informationsgivning - särskilt om amerikansk och svensk reglering av selektiv information på sekundärmarknaden för värdepapper Disclosures by publicly listed corporations - with particular reference to American and Swedish regulation

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Jure Förlag AB

Sammanfattning: In my dissertation I examine the disclosure obligations of publicly listed corporations on the securities markets. I adress these issues within both the American and Swedish legal contexts. The purpose of this doctoral dissertation is to determine the current state of Swedish law in regards to the regulation of disclosures in publicly listed corporations. I also examine if there is a need of improvement in regards to the Swedish regulation of disclosures by publicly listed corporations. The study is mainly focused on securities law, although some corporate law rules, closely related to the regulation of disclosures on the stock market, are also examined. The subject of this study is corporate disclosures on the secondary market, including both disclosures in financial reports and ad hoc disclosures. In the study, selective disclosures by corporations are examined more in detail. An evaluation is also made of the regulation of damages in securities disclosure cases. It is argued that a proper protection of investors requires that investors have the right to seek redress for damages accrued to them by misleading disclosures. In the study it is proposed that the Swedish legislators enact new tort rules in Swedish law regulating investors’ right to seek redress for pure economic loss resulting from false or misleading corporate disclosures.

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