Vilhelm Moberg tar ställning. En studie av hans journalistik och tidsaktuella diktning

Detta är en avhandling från Carlsson Bokförlag

Sammanfattning: Vilhelm Moberg (1898-1973) is one of the most well-known Swedish writers of the 20th century. In this dissertation attention is directed to his extensive journalism, a less well-known side of his authorship. The dissertation brings out and sheds light on a large number of his newspaper articles. An equally important part of his writing is his short controversial pamphlets. He also gave a large number of public speeches on various issues. In the present dissertation, theses texts are analysed and put in relation to some of his most important works of fiction. The purpose of the dissertation is to investigate Moberg´s achievements as a journalist and opinion maker. His texts, irrespective of genre, form a continuum, in which the same themes and issues recur, but in different shapes, and with a number of links between the different texts. The main method of interpretation is rhetoric. By bringing out persuasive elements in the texts, the dissertation make visible their opinion-forming character, discuss their themes and structures, and illustrate how the material is arranged stylistically. The texts are also related to their contemporary context. A critical outlook on society and a constant struggle for democratic justice epitomizes Moberg´s authorship. His journalism and topical fiction resound with an authorative voice. The various forms of expression that he used run as parallell lines in his opinion-making strategies. He was not educated in classical rhetoric, but he learned from the persuasive public speaking that he met in the popular movements and from his experiences at small-town newspapers in the 1920´s. He had a distinctive ability to draw attention to his contributions to the public debate. He constantly made attempts to make himself heard and stated an obligation to take part in the debate. He had a keen interest in the moulding of public opinion, which characterized his whole authorship.

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