Tänkande bakom val och användning av livsmedel: faktorer som medverkar till eller utgör hinder för förändring av matvanor i hälsofrämjande riktning

Detta är en avhandling från Lund University Press, P.O. Box 141, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden

Sammanfattning: For educational purposes, research has been proposed on the circumstances and facts which govern eating habits and the intake of nutrients. By focusing on the perspective of the individual, this study explores and describes how previous experiences influence people's thinking and acting in relation to their present eating habits to elucidate factors that contribute to, or hinder, changes for the promotion of health. An empirical study comprised a group of eighteen metalworkers and their families in three ethno-cultural groups: Finnish, Croatian and Swedish. The open and explorative form of data collection from each family comprised a participant observation during the preparation of a hot meal, and two semi-structured interviews based on the participant observation: one interview focused on food rich in dietary fat and one on food rich in dietary fibre. The analysis had and interpretative and contextual character aimed at categorising descriptions of the conceptualization influencing the choice and use of food. Also, one aspect of the sociocultural concept habitus, symbolic capital, was used in the analysis. In the families who changed their choice and use of food in accordance with the Swedish Nutrition Recommendations, experience related to health problems was predominantly decisive in the conceptualization of food and in their choice and use of food. In the families who did not change their choice and use of food at all, or just marginally changed their choice and use of food, experiences related to their cultural background was predominantly decisive.

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