Maktutövningens interna dynamik. Samspel och motsättningar i skola och lönearbete

Detta är en avhandling från Department of Sociology

Sammanfattning: The aim of this work is to investigate the internal dynamics of power-exercising in compulsory school and wage labor. The exercise of power is structured by four interrelated power-practices: maintenance, that is the practice which produce and reproduce a power relation through, among other things, the enrolment of subordinates; acculturation, the alteration-of-man power that is exercised inside the power relation; relegation, the power resulting in the removal of subordinates out of the power relation; and justification, the construction of representations which aim at presenting power relations as reasonable and justified. The exercise of power is, further, described as a process through which four practises interplay and contradicts one another. The process is part of what is called the internal dynamics of power, which also contains how power and resistance conflict and coordinate and finally, how various ways of exercising power - coercing and the production of consent - interrelate. Inside this frame of interpretation, different phenomenons in compulsory school - the compulsory school attendance, the stress on the importance of education in the modern society and the pedagogical practices to be precise - is given a meaning. In a similar way phenomenons inside wage labor - the wage laborer´s economic dependency and labor market coercion, the social democratic reform-strategy and organizational- and management-practices - is given meaning inside the above mentioned frame of interpretation

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