Gustav Düben at Work : Musical Repertory and Practice of Swedish Court Musicians, 1663-1690

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Sammanfattning: This dissertation is concerned with musical transfer in seventeenth-century northern Europe, and in particular the repertory and the musical practice of the musicians of the Swedish royal court during the period of the tenure of Gustav Düben as court chapel master (1663–1690). The starting point of and the precondition for the study is provided by the extensive musical collection, the Düben Collection, held by Uppsala University library: the remnants of the music library of the Düben family of whom four were Swedish court chapel masters. The collection has not previously been considered systematically in its entirety and the present study has answered many questions in areas such as establishing the function of the music as the repertory of the court musicians, the connection with the German Church in Stockholm and the identification of many of the anonymous sources and of concordances outside the collection. The extant music has been identified as belonging to specific areas of repertory, for example music for weddings, funerals and secular courtly divertissements. The study considers the different aspects of response to cultural transfer,  above all the processes of the adaption of the music to the local context, and two forms of adaptation are specifically considered, the alteration of the texts and the modification of the scoring. Finally, the extant music composed by Gustav Düben has been narrowed down and is discussed with a special focus on borrowing and the practice of imitatio.

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