Towards Decentralized Orchestration of Next-generation Cloud Infrastructures

Sammanfattning: Cloud Computing helps to efficiently utilize the abundance of computing resources in large data centers. It enables interested parties to deploy their services in data centers while the hardware infrastructure is maintained by the cloud provider. Cloud computing is interesting in particular as it enables automation of service deployment and management processes. However, the more complex the service structure becomes, the more complex deployment and management automation of all its parts can become. To this end, the concept of service orchestration is introduced to streamline service deployment and management processes. Orchestration enables the definition and execution of complex automation workflows targeted to provision computing infrastructure, deploy needed service features, and provide management support. In particular, the orchestration process enables the deployment and enforcement of security and compliance mechanisms in the context of systems where sensitive data is being processed. This thesis investigates the orchestration process as a uniform approach to deploy and manage network services and required security and compliance mechanisms. To this end, we investigate different use-cases where the orchestration process is applied to address specific requirements towards security and compliance. This thesis includes two parts. In the first part, we focus on centralized orchestration mechanisms, where all activities are performed from one trusted server. We explore the use-cases of a security testbed and collaborative AI engineering and investigate the advantages and limitations of orchestration mechanisms application in their context. In the second part, we shift towards the investigation of decentralized orchestration mechanisms. We employ blockchain technology as the main decentralization mechanism, exploring the advantages and limitations of its application in the context of digital marketplaces. We demonstrate that the shift towards blockchain-enabled orchestration enables the deployment and management of decentralized security mechanisms, ensuring compliant behavior of digital marketplace actors. 

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