Molecular Interactions Studied by Electrophoretic and Diffusion NMR

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH

Sammanfattning: Even though electrophoretic NMR (eNMR) experiments may provide unique chemical information and have been performed for three decades, the technique is still rarely applied, mainly because several experimental sources of artifacts have to be controlled to achieve accurate results. In this thesis, new experimental setups and protocols for accurate and precise eNMR experiments are presented. These include a novel eNMR sample cell, a radiofrequency filter and methods to suppress bulk flow effects. These developments improved the signal-to-noise ratio by roughly an order of magnitude compared to the U-tube setup previously used for eNMR. Convection-compensated pulse sequences in combination with a phase correction method were found to efficiently suppress bulk flow effects in the experiments and greatly increase experimental accuracy.These experimental setups and protocols were applied to probe association of ions and molecules in solution. It is particularly illustrated that the combination of diffusion and eNMR has great potential to provide quantitative results on ionic and molecular association in a variety of systems.The extent to which ionic surfactants associate with uncharged cyclodextrin probed by eNMR yielded very similar results to those obtained by diffusion NMR experiments. Complexation of a large set of small mono- and polyvalent metal cations to poly(ethylene oxide) was quantified by estimating the effective charge of the polymer through combined diffusion and eNMR information. Significant association was found for cations that have a surface charge density below a critical value.Ion pairing between tetramethylammonium cations and a series of anions in several solvents was also probed by diffusion NMR and eNMR experiments. For the monovalent anions in ethanol and ethanol-water mixture a dependence on ionic size was demonstrated. In water, dimethylsulfoxide, and methanol no such trend and very little pairing was observed. In acetonitrile, a different pattern was seen that did not correlate well with any single ionic parameter.An experimental cell and procedures for electrokinetic studies of solvated proton-conducting polymer materials is also presented. Electro-osmotic flow and diffusion were studied for each molecular component in water-methanol mixtures that swell Nafion membranes.

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