Insyn i grupphandledning : Ett bidrag till förståelsen av ett av de människobehandlande yrkenas hjälpredskap

Sammanfattning: The overall purpose of this work has been to describe what group supervision for helping professionals could be, how it can change over time and to problematise the influential mechanisms that exist in supervision of groups.The issues considered in this work are about group supervision for teachers and psychiatric nurses. This format is used since most supervision provided to professionals is performed in a group format. The theoretical background gathers its material from texts concerning supervision for helping professions with an emphasis on psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and teachers. The empirical data consists of material from three supervision groups that have had supervision for about a year. Two groups belong to the educational system and one in the health care system. The study of supervision is aided by a questionnaire, five audiotaped recordings per group, and interviews.The contribution to this study can shortly be summarized as follows:Narratives in a supervision context can be used to indicate if discussions during supervision lead to reflection and learning or avoidance. The hypothesis of unconscious re-enactment can indicate a process where feelings and patterns are re-enacted in a situation other than the original. Feelings are unconsciously communicated and affect, often powerfully, a group's ability to reflect and learn. Participants in supervision of groups control to a great extent the content of supervision through their expectations.