Laboratory and Stellar Spectra in High Resolution: Studies of Fe, Pt and Tl in Peculiar Stars

Sammanfattning: The near-infrared spectrum of upsilon Sagittarii has been registered using the SOFIN high resolution spectrometer on the Nordic Optic Telescope, La Palma. For the first time 4f-5g transitions of Fe II in any astrophysical spectrum have been identified. Optical region spectra with the high resolution SOFIN spectrograph have been analysed for determination of elemental abundances and spectral line identification in the chemically peculiar HgMn star HR7775 as a complementary study to the analysis of HST/GHRS spectra. High resolution laboratory spectra of platinum and thallium recorded with the VUV-Fourier transform spectrometer at Lund University have been used to confirm the platinum and thallium isotope anomalies in the chemically peculiar HgMn star chi Lupi. Accurate wavelengths of the Pb II resonance lines have been determined with high resolution spectra recorded with the VUV-Fouriere transform spectrometer at Imperial College in London.

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